Devices and eqiupment


Safe and top-quality equipment

In our work, we use exclusively proven, top quality equipment, which we can also rent out to you depending on your needs. Renting equipment is affordable and is the optimal choice when you need a temporary or long-term custom-tailored solution.

Advantages of renting equipment from Prinsis

  • Affordable solution for simple or complex temporary power supply systems,
  • Regularly serviced new equipment ensures high reliability of operation,
  • Technical staff is available for connecting the equipment and potential interventions,
  • Optional expert duty shifts,
  • Consultancy on implementing temporary power supply systems,

Renting high-power diesel electric generators in noise suppression enclosures:
  • Possibility of operating in permanent load or permanent standby modes,
  • Weather-resistant noise suppression enclosure (68.4 dBA @ 7m),
  • A built-in tank ensures autonomy of 10 hours or more.

Renting high-power controlgear and switchgear enclosures (internal):
  • Optional automatic activation of DEA upon mains failure,
  • Optional synchronous interruption-free switching of DEA power supply,
  • Optional local or remote monitoring of operation.

Renting other equipment for implementing temporary power supply systems:
  • UPS – devices,
  • System converters,
  • High-power batteries,
  • High-power loads.



Quality maintenance and servicing interventions

We continually strive to establish long-term collaborations, and also offer you full further support, maintenance and servicing interventions on power supply systems and devices. We guarantee you quick response times and offer you optimal servicing in terms of pricing and safety, based on experience and routine maintenance work.

Prevention comes first

In the many years of our work, we have acquired valuable and vast experience and also take part in the most demanding projects, and that is why we are up to any challenge. In the collaboration, we ensure regular monitoring of equipment conditions and preventive examinations, and we also implement the latest solutions in your systems. Our servicing staff has passed all the required professional examinations and always meets all of your demands.

7 reasons to choose us

  • Servicing staff that is ready to intervene 24/7/365
  • Motivated servicing staff;
  • Good equipment (software, hardware);
  • Vehicle fleet equipped for professional interventions;
  • Training levels of servicing staff, maintained in collaboration with manufacturers (certificates);
  • Several written authorisations from equipment manufacturers;
  • Vast experience, satisfied customers (20 years).


Our production boasts years of tradition and a top level of quality. We can provide you with comprehensive custom-tailored solutions and are also qualified to carry out electrical installation work on the most demanding facilities. We implement the agreed projects from the very first to the last step as we have a professional team, excellent know-how and all that is required for production as well as installation.

Guaranteed and proven quality

In keeping with experiences and examples of good practice, we have established a quality management system pursuant to the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. We improve all internal processes while investing in staff training. Our staff is qualified for oversight, measurements, execution, maintenance and servicing of electrical and other installations, lightning conductors, machinery, equipment for plants and devices according to the GZS – CPU Edison and Edison Plus programmes.

The right choice in demanding circumstances, too

A special work group has been theoretically and practically trained for work under pressure. Besides, we are also capable of performing our work safely and reliably in reconstructions of the most demanding facilities where effortless operation during the works is required because we use advanced and modern solutions.

Production range:

  • Production of TTA and PTTA switchboards;
  • Production of conversion devices (rectifiers, inverters...);
  • Production of controlgear and switchgear enclosures of diesel electric generators;
  • Production of devices for control and monitoring of power supply systems (switching automatics of power sources, local Scada systems, data transfer to external monitoring systems);
  • Production of devices according to special requests (diesel electric generators in special enclosures, low-power supply devices for building into enclosures with other equipment...)
  • Execution of works on facilities (mounting devices, making electrical installations, execution of temporary power supply systems...).